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In the complicated world of the financial industry, it is mandatory to achieve operational brilliance. Finiqe is committed to helping you effectively accomplish the desired performance you want to bring into your organization. They not only offer an array of peerless products and services along with various training to help you achieve the required standards in your processes.

Finique Training offers solutions, befitting to your levels of knowledge, learning priority and your schedule. From Finiqe smart e-learning courses to customized training or certification programmes.

We design, develop and provide training programmes with the help of the expertise that our experts provide while curating every programme. The programmes consist of all the information related to the various Finique related products and services.

Everybody has their own learning requirements as they have to be according to their industry and market demands, organizational challenges and essential goals. At Finiqe, we understand the nitty-gritty of the functionality of organizations and how each organization have their own way of making things work. The training programmes are adaptable and adjustable to the specific needs and preferences.

The programmes are a combination of theories, software demonstrations and hands-on exercises. The customized training is appropriate for small and larger groups delivered anywhere by multilingual experts through a mix of methods to suit the requirements.

Multiple Channels to Deliver

Customized training can have pre-trial to understand the participant's calibre, followed by self-paced learning on Finiqe or a classroom hands-on session, on-the-job training and final assessment.

Functional Excellence

Finiqe offers courses that flawlessly suit your needs, explaining every detail about technical infrastructure and security as well as the industry standards that have to be maintained in the organization.

Expert's Counselling

Our group of experts will guide you through the programme and deliver an exclusive learning experience, making sure that all the goals and objective are met.

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